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Your Personality- the key to success!

Working in a team involves individuals with diverse backgrounds, life stories, and educational experiences. This diversity can be a valuable resource, but it can also pose challenges in communication and collaboration. Understanding one’s personality and the ability to comprehend team members’ personalities are crucial for successful team development.


Individual personality profiles can be extremely helpful in providing valuable insight and motivation toward personal development and team cohesion. Within the team, these profiles can be useful in discovering which needs and preferences are present and which communication strategies work best when collaborating across styles. The EASI typology is a useful tool used to analyze, compare and visualize behavior and motivation styles, aiding us in better understanding the strengths and stumbling blocks inherent in different communication styles, an essential ingredient across effective teams.

Team Building

We recommend to work with Personality Self-Assessment Profiles for newly forming looking to build a solid foundation or existing teams who wish to get to know each other better and especially foster and improve their cooperation.


As a licensed cooperation partner of Master Management, our activists work with the EASI personality analysis. Individual personal profiles are completed in advance using an online self-assessment. Results are reviewed and used as the basis to provide structured, actionable conclusions about team behavior and the corresponding development opportunities are drawn and discussed in a physical (or virtual) workshop.

Versatile use cases

Team Development: Analyzing personality profiles enables teams to enhance their collaboration and work more effectively together.

Personal Assessment: EASI helps individuals better understand their behavior and motivations, aiding in their professional development planning.

Personnel Development: Supervisors can use EASI to support their employees in their tasks better and create tailored development plans.

Recruitment: Companies can utilize EASI to engage in more meaningful discussions with potential employees, discovering their needs and preferences based on their personality types about tasks, types of collaboration, and leadership.

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It’s time to get to know the strengths of your employees and colleagues better with the help of EASI personality profiles and get the most out of your team cooperation – you will be surprised how much you learn about yourself and your team!