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Self-renewal and reflection: the competence to rise above oneself. Repeatedly.

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It's all about people!

At actively, we are convinced that people are at the heart of successful companies. That is why we offer a wide range of services to strengthen the skills and competencies of employees & teams and build a positive corporate culture.


As your People & Culture (HR) partner, we accompany you and your organization as Facilitator, Coach or Mentor “just in time” or in the long term throughout the entire People Life Cycle so that you can develop your team’s effectiveness. We do this by sharing our experiences, learning new things together, celebrating complexity and diversity, and creating something that makes you and your work unique – actively.

Team & Leadership Development

Has your team been newly formed, or do you want to know your team members better?
Do you want to learn about different communication and learning styles and promising strategies for deployment and clarification?
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Talent Acquisition with Passion

Together we define the skills and personalities you are looking for in your team. Next, you lean back while we find the right talents.
With targeted active sourcing, we boost your search for the missing talent, and of course, we help to shape your Employer Branding accordingly!
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As an Integral Coach, I take a holistic approach that includes body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
What would you like to change or develop in your life?
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Lego® Serious Play®

Whether visioning, retrospective, innovation, customer or candidate experience, team building, strategy, change processes, innovation, or coaching - LSP is a creative method that can address complex issues in organizations and companies.
Let's work on complex issues playfully but super efficiently with 100% commitment of all participants!
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People Interim & Projectmanagement

People Expert "on demand"- as much as necessary and as little as possible.
We close the gap and bridge it competently and reliably.
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