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Self-renewal and reflection: the competence to rise above oneself. Repeatedly.

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actively empowers its clients to define their values and align them across a wide array of scenarios to provide optimal economic outcomes with the highest degree of management responsibility and in the most competent, comprehensive, and active manner possible.

Learning from and inspiring each other, exchanging ideas, developing, practicing, testing, learning, and doing it all over again – that is our offer and promise to you. So that you – regardless of your role and the current context – can take charge of and actively develop your success and your effectiveness within your team. Create something that makes you and your work unique by sharing experiences, celebrating complexity and diversity, and being actively engaged!


actively trusted by:

People (HR) Training, Enabling & Counseling for Professionals

Are you new to a People (HR) role in an SME and looking to expand or refresh People (HR) expertise?
We will be happy to make you a practice-oriented, individual, and custom-fit training offer!
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People Interim & Projectmanagement

People Expert "on demand"- as much as necessary and as little as possible.
We close the gap and bridge it competently and reliably.
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Team Development is EASI

Has your team been newly formed, or do you want to know your team members better?
Do you want to learn about different communication and learning styles and promising strategies for deployment and clarification?
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Lego® Serious Play®

Whether visioning, retrospective, innovation, customer or candidate experience, team building, strategy, change processes, innovation, or coaching - LSP is a creative method that can address complex issues in organizations and companies.
Let's work on complex issues playfully but super efficiently with 100% commitment of all participants!
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«Critical friend» (Coaching)

We are your "critical friends" and accompany you a bit on your way - virtually & personally.
We question or confirm, challenge, and give courage for the upcoming challenges in your personal, professional context.
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Digitale Transformation (People Processes)

Simple, intuitive, and as lean as possible, processes are efficient and fun!
Increase your productivity while supporting a positive candidate and employee experience!
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Staff regulations & Co.

With fresh, modern, and positively formulated, easy-to-understand employment conditions, you rock!
We give your contract documents, employment contract provisions, instructions, or leaflets a fresh kick!
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Together we define the skills and personalities you are looking for in your team. Next, you lean back while we find the right talents.
With targeted active sourcing (Headhunting), we boost your search for the missing talent, and of course, we support you as a people partner in the appropriate selection process as well!
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Susanne Mosbacher

Founder & activist (Zurich)

Practical and solution-oriented as well as winning and pragmatic:
Susanne convinces with profound expertise and distinctive social competence since 2007 as an entrepreneur with a lot of heart and soul. Be it as HR Interim Manager, Project Manager, Coach, Enabler, or Trainer.

Susanne combines her talent to inspire, enthuse and empower others with more than 25 years of professional experience in people and talent management in different organizations and industries.

Rahel Marthy

activist (Zurich)

Learned from the ground up, Rahel has more than 15 years of HR experience in various functions and roles in different industries in national and international companies. She knows people management holistically and across the board. 

She has a soft spot for effective and efficient, customer-oriented, possibly technology-supported end-to-end processes.

Ursula Wittmer

activist (Zurich)

Ursula looks back on over 20 years of experience in various roles and projects in people management. In addition to a stint in public administration, she has worked in SMEs and international financial services companies. As Head of People & Performance Management, she has led teams and supported and implemented various company reorganizations and leadership development measures.


Ursula supports our clients with her versatile knowledge in an uncomplicated and professional way – be it in operational but strategic challenges in people management and leadership issues with a strong focus on compliance.


She is particularly passionate about attracting and developing talent for the continuous development of people and organizations. Coupled with her experience in change management, she is convinced that transparent and authentic communication is the key to successful talent acquisition and sustainable growth!

Matthew Katai

activist (Zurich)

His passion lies in building meaningful relationships & successfully connecting great people with great companies. As a recruiter and a professional drummer, teamwork and creativity are part of his DNA. 

In recent years, Matthew has helped some of the TOP 10 Swiss scale-ups and emerging startups by building strong teams, setting them up for long-term sustainability, and preparing them for successful funding rounds. 

His extensive experience has granted him the ability to scale Talent Acquisition from multiple aspects, finding solutions to any challenge, as is common in startups.

Before actively, Matthew supported Google in building engineering teams across EMEA, developing into a diversity champion with a 100% candidate satisfaction score.

Along with many great team members and mentors, Matthew was involved in building and leading internal talent acquisition teams, employer branding, personnel development, coaching & internship programs.

Matthew is an expert in recruiting & active sourcing, particularly in:

Engineering / IT; CV, ML, AI, AR, Scala, Frontend, Backend, Security, QA, DevOps, Android / iOS Developers, Architects, Technical Consultants and Blockchain Developers. 

Sales; Business developers, Account managers, Customer success, VPs and C-level searches.

Product; Managers, Marketing Managers, Researchers, UX/UI, Designers

Vanessa Shields

activist (Australia)

With over ten years of experience in the health and wellbeing sector and working both in Switzerland and Australia, Vanessa has gained a great understanding of the importance of a holistic approach in the workspace. Due to this Vanessa understands the importance of finding enjoyment in the work that you do is directly connected to a successful outcome.

She is passionate about helping people to achieve a healthy work-life-balance and her can do attitude paired with her warmth and professionalism makes Vanessa a great addition to the actively team.

Lea Kreis

actively Intern

Lea is a total rockstar with a love for communication, people and organizational development. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media Research, and Economics in 2021 and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Administration with a Major in People Management and Organization at HSLU.

Lea is involved in various conceptual client projects focusing on strategic people management, organizational development, and transformation and will shed light on topics such as employer branding, diversity & inclusion, new work, and digitalization and help shape corresponding transformation processes.

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Values & Virtues

purpose over profits, trust over control, practice over theory, flexibility over rigidity, transparency over hidden agendas, compass over maps.

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