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actively is unique!

Hiring, onboarding, coaching while improving the candidate experience and employer branding with the support of artificial intelligence (AI)

Today, I have a few questions for those of you who recruit virtually and already appreciate the benefits of the more efficient process:

👉 Does your e-recruiting tool efficiently ensure applicant management, but do you have difficulty remembering (in detail) the individual interview content with the various candidates -especially if you’ve had several interviews a day?

👉 Usually, you are not alone in the process:  Have you also experienced that almost no one can say anything if something was discussed at all and even less in what context it was?

👉 Have you also received feedback from candidates who say that they had to answer the same questions repeatedly in the various interview rounds?

👉 And then the fair copy of the interview notes. Does it take an eternity, and you should be at the following interview anyway? And if you put it off, have you ever had trouble remembering what the person said and even how they looked after a while?


Sounds familiar, right?

Imagine that with the consent of the candidates....

 You no longer need to take notes in interviews, and you can watch your interviews over and over again and share them with the Hiring Manager in just a few minutes,

 Hiring Managers can watch the interview in full, in fast forward, or just your highlighted (most important) moments,

✅ You can see your checklist on the screen at any time during the interview, and you can check if you have picked up all the dimensions,

✅ You get not only a video of the interview but also a transcript in which you can search for keywords.

This is exactly how Susanne worked as a Talent Acquisition Manager at our client Unique AG over the last few months, using their Unique app. Our recruiting process is about 2/3 faster than without it. At Unique, we have successfully hired 20 new employees from a pipeline of over 300 candidates in the last few months, spending an average of 12 hours per position on the recruiting process. For comparison: without Unique App, we calculate an average of around 40 hours per position based on our many years of experience with actively.

Candidate Experience & Onboarding

At Unique, we pride ourselves on an optimal candidate experience and that we are perceived by candidates not only as fast and responsive but also as a real hiring team. Candidates appreciate not having to answer the same questions multiple times because the whole team is always top prepared for the following interview and can reference and ideally add content to previous discussions. And we provide transparent feedback and all applicants who ask for it with a link to their interview so that they can reflect on it and learn from it.


Furthermore, with the candidate’s consent, we create a library of calls to familiarize new recruiters or hiring managers more quickly with our process during onboarding. We also use it as a coaching tool to comment on our recordings and get feedback from the team to improve our interviewing process continuously.

4 Good reasons, why you should look into Unique

1 Interview notes (about 95% time saving, from 45min. to 3min.)

✅ More focus on the candidates and the interview, qualitative better decision making

2 Feedback after the interview (about 50% time saving, from 15-45min. to 10min.)

✅ Less time spent in debriefing for alignment between Recruiter & Hiring Manager

3 Candidate experience & Employer Branding

Avoiding multiple, redundant questions strengthens the perception of professionalism and an aligned recruiting team for the candidate

4 Interview training (onboarding & coaching)

✅ The best training methods for interview and assessments. Recruiter and Hiring Managers new to the role can quickly learn how to conduct excellent interviews. Highlight key moments in interviews, ask for feedback, and learn!

We at actively, as an official partner of Unique, a fast-growing Swiss SaaS startup with an ambitious mission, and Susanne, as an active user of the Unique app, are convinced that we have discovered an excellent solution that not only makes the recruiting process more efficient but also takes it to the next level in terms of quality! Curious? Susanne is looking forward to sharing her personal experience with you!