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How digital is your recruiting process?

Some work conservatively with email and rating sheets on Excel, others “new work” and use simple and at the same time clever technical support. So do we. It is not only easy to implement but also super easy to use. We help with the evaluation and/or care for the entire applicant management – just as it suits our customers!

How we became involved? We got an assignment from a client to evaluate an e-recruiting tool. We had an amazingly positive experience, which we are happy to share – true to the motto “sharing is caring“!


Tool Evaluation

Important criteria on the part of the customer for the tool selection were Swissness, compliance with data protection, uncomplicated start-up without complex IT support, and overall, a secure cloud solution with the possibility of access rights for selected users in the company at a reasonable price.


Our rough evaluation included 5 concrete tools, all of which we subjected to the same grid, especially with regard to functions and costs. Within the detailed evaluation, we looked at 2 tools in more detail. With the Swiss tool the customer selected, we published the first job advertisement within a few days and have been using the complete digital applicant management since then. We save about 2/3 of the previous time in the recruitment process and consequently also costs.


Increase efficiency

With our easy to understand evaluation template, you can quickly and easily find the right tool for your company. We are neutral and independent. As soon as you have decided on a tool, we set it up for you and are happy to manage it efficiently and reliably via the cloud from anywhere during operation. In this way, we ensure the same quality of service as before, but with digital support much more efficiently and at a significantly lower price!