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Workshops Team-& Leadership Development

Teams consist of people with different biographies, educational and developmental backgrounds, and typologies. The own personality profile can give impulses for the personal development of the participants. Within the team, it can show which needs and preferences are present and which communication strategies are target-oriented when giving and clarifying orders.

EASI Personality Profile

As licensed cooperation partners of Master Management, we work with the personality analysis EASI. Based on each participant’s individual personal profiles created online in advance, the team behavior and the different communication needs are made visible in a virtual or physical workshop, and the corresponding development opportunities can be identified.



We combine this tool with additional, creative workshop methods to secure valuable insights, reach agreements and ensure the transfer to everyday work.


The detailed feedback report

visualizes the personal behavioral and motivational style, the different communication styles and learning motivations, and the preferred professional context. This form of self-reflection primarily supports and strengthens the participants themselves, of course, and simultaneously enables the further development of successful interaction with others.

Possible fields to use personality profiles

  • Team or leadership development
  • Personal position determination
  • Coaching
  • Recruiting

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