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As an Integral Coach, I follow a holistic approach that includes body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Integral Coaching is goal-oriented, resource-based, and focused on solutions and success. I am convinced that sustainable changes and developments in all areas of our being are always possible.

Integral Coaching

How I work with the effectiveness of the integral approach
My empathetic and appreciative approach creates a trusting atmosphere where you can feel safe and develop to your full potential. I listen actively, ask specific questions and bring new perspectives to support you in finding your solution path.

As a professional coach, I not only have the appropriate training and knowledge from current scientific studies on coaching, but I also integrate the following six effectiveness factors for a successful setting in my work:

  • Appreciative & trusting working relationship: collaborative, empathic, and supportive
  • Clarification & concretization of goals: Clearly defined goals are the core of coaching. The coach is responsible for the process, while the client is responsible for the content.
  • Activation of resources: by identifying skills, strengths, knowledge, and experience as well as social-systemic support. The coach supports the client through structured, explorative, and creative methods in analyzing and selecting these resources and assists in integrating the knowledge gained.
  • Individually adapted approach: The coach adapts the setting as best as possible to the client’s personality and individual starting situation. By asking questions, changing perspectives, securing resources, expanding awareness, and creative moments of surprise, the coach gives the client the impulse to find their solution path.
  • Goal- & result-oriented self and problem reflection: through targeted questions that focus on goals, resources, and solution design.
  • Communication: communication is the basis of every coaching. Through active listening and feedback, development processes are promoted.

When does coaching make sense?

Coaching makes sense when strategic, professional, and human complexity challenges burden and sometimes overwhelm you. In such situations, it is good not to be alone. Structured discussions on various life issues can help you discover competencies, gain new perspectives, and initiate sustainable development or change.

What issues are moving you in your life? Here are some examples:

  • Values: Which values accompany my life in a meaningful way, and which ones hinder me?
  • My effect on others: How can I be perceived how I want to be perceived?
  • Important decisions: How do I make the right decision for me?
  • Self-confidence: How can I regain my self-confidence?
  • Conflicts with other people: How do I deal with them, and how do I resolve them?
  • Motivation: What drives me, and what hinders me?
  • Relationships: What can I do when something is wrong, even though I love my partner/children?
  • New tasks or situations: How do I best prepare myself?

No matter your concerns or what area of your life you would like to develop further, I will be at your side with heart and mind – mindful, appreciative, and at eye level. You get involved, and we create a clear view of your challenge together. Together we actively shape your process- in person in Zurich or via Videocall

And the best part: You already have the solutions within you!

Consulting or Coaching?
Consulting and coaching are different approaches. As a consultant, I act based on my expertise, while a coach acts as a facilitator asking questions. Both the coach and the consultant have conversations, but they have different intentions.

As a consultant, I need information to discuss appropriate solutions with my clients.
As a coach, on the other hand, I use questions to stimulate the thinking process of my clients.

Both as a coach and as a consultant, I guide my clients toward a solution. Although they are experts in their field, they may not yet have access to their knowledge, or their view of the solution may be distorted.

When clients meet with me and know about my 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, I am happy to answer their questions and share my knowledge with them. This can be supportive and lead to further food for thought. In each session, we decide together and consciously whether I take on the role of consultant, teacher, or coach.

Get active now!

Your goals and needs are the focus of my work, and I guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality. Book a free virtual “coffee exchange” or directly an online coaching session with me. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

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