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Your Recruiting Partner

Your Recruiting Partner Are you searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack? As recruiting experts, we specialize in identifying, engaging, and acquiring highly qualified talents for your company. We rely on the perfect blend of media and platform channels, along with professional active sourcing, to uncover even those hidden talents who are not actively… Continue reading Your Recruiting Partner

Your Personality- the key to success!

Your Personality- the key to success! Working in a team involves individuals with diverse backgrounds, life stories, and educational experiences. This diversity can be a valuable resource, but it can also pose challenges in communication and collaboration. Understanding one’s personality and the ability to comprehend team members’ personalities are crucial for successful team development.  … Continue reading Your Personality- the key to success!

Recruiting & Active Sourcing

Recruiting & Active Sourcing Place an ad, drink tea and pray… …is no longer helpful in an employee market with intense international competition and the “war for talents” that has been announced for years and is now more than real!   Of course, we all work with different platforms and providers, sometimes even quite successfully… Continue reading Recruiting & Active Sourcing


E-Recruiting How digital is your recruiting process? Some work conservatively with email and rating sheets on Excel, others “new work” and use simple and at the same time clever technical support. So do we. It is not only easy to implement but also super easy to use. We help with the evaluation and/or care for… Continue reading E-Recruiting