Why there is no second chance when it comes to reputation

Why there is no second chance when it comes to reputation …and what the People Team (HR) can contribute to corporate reputation. Reputation is a small word with an enormous impact – and a particular property as well. Duden describes reputation as [good] standing, with synonyms including recognition, good name, and esteem. Strikingly, there is… Continue reading Why there is no second chance when it comes to reputation

Personality- the key to success

Teambuilding is EASI Personality- the key to success! Teams consist of different people with different experiences, educational and developmental backgrounds, and different typologies as in personality traits and tendencies.   Individual personality profiles can be extremely helpful in providing valuable insight and motivation toward personal development and team cohesion. Within the team, these profiles can… Continue reading Personality- the key to success

Brand Story

How Mosbacher Active HR became “actively” – and what benefits entrepreneurs, executives and HR managers can expect from actively. Acting in a value-oriented manner, being fully absorbed in the professional role and economically successful in the process – there is hardly a manager who does not want to combine these elements under one roof.  To accompany… Continue reading Brand Story

Recruiting & Active Sourcing

Recruiting & Active Sourcing Place an ad, drink tea and pray… …is no longer helpful in an employee market with intense international competition and the “war for talents” that has been announced for years and is now more than real!   Of course, we all work with different platforms and providers, sometimes even quite successfully… Continue reading Recruiting & Active Sourcing

New Work: Home-Office im Rahmen flexibler Arbeitsmodelle

New Work: Home Office Rahmenbedingungen Falls deine Mitarbeitenden bereits die Möglichkeit haben im Home-Office zu arbeiten oder geplant ist, dies demnächst dauerhaft einzuführen, lohnt es sich die Rahmenbedingungen zum (freiwilligen) Home-Office schriftlich festzuhalten. Auch wenn übergeordnet die innerbetrieblichen vertraglichen Bestimmungen, Weisungen o. ä. nebst den rechtlichen Grundlagen aus dem Obligationen- und Arbeitsrecht gelten, hilft eine schriftliche… Continue reading New Work: Home-Office im Rahmen flexibler Arbeitsmodelle

HR reinvented- The New People Team

HR reinvented – The New People Team Es findet ein Wandel statt. Die Personalabteilung erfindet sich neu​- Die fortschrittlichsten Unternehmen haben HR durch neue People Teams ersetzt. Als People Unternehmerinnen mit Herzblut beschäftigen wir uns ständig aktiv mit neuen Konzepten im HR-Bereich und wir haben das Glück, dabei immer wieder von anderen zukunftsorientierten Menschen umgeben zu sein –… Continue reading HR reinvented- The New People Team