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How Mosbacher Active HR became "actively” - and what benefits entrepreneurs, executives and HR managers can expect from actively.

Acting in a value-oriented manner, being fully absorbed in the professional role and economically successful in the process – there is hardly a manager who does not want to combine these elements under one roof. 

To accompany leaders in this active role, we created actively to accomplish just that! Our aim is to activate existing resources as well as the competences for self-renewal and regeneration in entrepreneurs and executives alike, enabling them to unfold fully their potential power and abilities to execute actively, committedly, energetically, and most importantly effectively.


actively describes the mindset we share with the people we are allowed to accompany: Success is achieved through active engagement and commitment. By no means does this translate into doing everything yourself. Rather, it’s all about helping achieve a clearer focus: you dedicate yourself to your core topics and passions – and delegate those tasks which fall out of scope. And that’s what we are here for – to actively support you in achieving your goals. We want to live and experience this not only in our daily work, but also visibly embrace these joys and passions with our new branding. 

The actively story: an agile HR manifesto

While the look of actively is new, the idea behind it not quite.  Some time has passed since the young female HR Interim Manager in Switzerland was hired by well-known and successful companies. With her innovative “Personalmanagement auf Zeit” company, Susanne Mosbacher has been solving some of the nastiest HR challenges ad interim since 2007, blocking, tackling, and jumping in wherever bottlenecks have reared their ugly little heads. The aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008 led to an increased demand for professional interim services in Human Resources Management and resulted in the 2015 establishment of Mosbacher Active-HR GmbH, replacing the original one-(wo)man company. Still in great demand: Mosbacher Active-HR continues to offer practical solutions for some of the trickiest issues spanning the entire HR life cycle, HR interim management, recruiting and training. 

Crisis as an opportunity for repositioning

As companies trend into leaner organizations, the demand for training courses rose sharply as experience and expertise increased. In particular, the focus on the empowerment, the “enabling” of managers picked up speed, and abundantly made clear with the state-imposed “Lockdown & Stay Home” in the context of the recent Corona crisis. Once again, entrepreneur Susanne Mosbacher recognized the opportunities that lie in the crisis, and proactively expanded her offerings to address these needs, preparing the best practices collected over more than two decades and launched attractive online training formats covering “HR Training for Professionals“, “My New Role as a Manager“, “HR Training for Startups“, “Health Check” (attendance management), “Crisis Management in Everyday Work” and training in Business English.

In conjunction with her many years of business expertise, the process of organic and consistent development from operative to strategic HR management has compelled, this agile entrepreneur, mentor and expert advisor to reinvent herself once again as a “Pivot Master” in the face of crisis. Her “Serial Entrepreneurship” manifests itself visibly and tangible in this new corporate identity: actively GmbH, the agile star is born. 


actively: active action, transparency, focus

The actively logo embodies the three pillars of active action, transparency, and laser focus. The four superimposed fonts in the four superimposed colors symbolize our active and committed attitude. At first glance, the design may come across as irritating or even nervous, and deliberately so! This effect is desired! After all, we are inspired by action and want to encourage managers to engage in controversial and possibly even philosophical discussions. We must get out of our comfort zones because time and time again, experience shows that something unexpected, exciting and new arises from diversity. We’re looking forward to these discussions and debates! Further, when we allow ourselves sharpen our focus, the colors and fonts rest against a transparent background and form a small word with a BIG effect. Figuratively speaking, this sharpened focus means: to act successfully with available resources, the necessary mindfulness, open attitude, and permanent interaction.



The call to act, to take active action, should always encourage us to bring out the best in the respective context for the organization, together with our different stories, backgrounds, maps and experiences. The different colors and overlapping fonts symbolize this agile and ever-changing entity that we form together with the leaders we work with every day. 

actively enabling you!

Learning from and inspiring each other, exchanging ideas, developing, practicing, testing, learning, and doing it all over again – that is our offer and promise to you. So that you – regardless of your role and the current context – can actively develop your success and the effectiveness within your team. By sharing experiences, celebrating complexity and diversity, and creating something that makes you and your work unique – actively.

An amazing cooperation

We have developed our new CI – just like Mosbacher Active HR – together with Marco Ryser from Vitamin C. We are very happy and a little proud to have created something unique, new and maybe even a little bit disruptive together. A small work of art. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words” as they say. I am curious! So how do you feel about the new appearance? What appeals to you? What does it trigger? I am looking forward to your feedback!