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Quick Counseling

Quick Counseling New & Not Complicated I am now offering you a 30-minute quick counseling session via video or telephone. I am your sparring partner for all questions relating to the People Life Cycle, business and self-management, or whatever else is on your mind – perhaps a new business idea, a project close to your… Continue reading Quick Counseling

Mentoring: The Path to Personal and Professional Growth

Mentoring: The Path to Personal and Professional Growth What is Mentoring? Mentoring is more than just a working relationship between two people; it is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. In this dynamic relationship, experienced mentors – experts in their field – share their knowledge, experience, and insights to support and promote the… Continue reading Mentoring: The Path to Personal and Professional Growth

OKR- Objectives and Key Results

OKR- Objectives and Key Results Do you know your company’s vision? And do you know what contribution you make to it?”​ As I completed the training for OKR Coach at Hello Agile a few days ago, I‘m testing the question recently with my clients. What is OKR? Imagine a framework ensuring everyone in the company… Continue reading OKR- Objectives and Key Results

LEGO® Serious Play® Method

LEGO® Serious Play® Method With the LEGO® Serious Play® Method, the starting point is the same for all participants; a carefully chosen common question is answered through building with LEGO bricks. What can the LEGO® Serious Play® Method be used for? Whether it’s vision finding, retrospectives, innovation, customer or candidate experiences, team building, strategy, change… Continue reading LEGO® Serious Play® Method

Six Effectiveness Factors in Coaching

Six Effectiveness Factors in Coaching As a Coach, my empathetic and appreciative approach creates a trusting atmosphere where you can feel safe and fully express yourself. I actively listen, ask targeted questions, and provide new perspectives to help you find your path to solutions. As a certified coach, I not only possess the necessary education and… Continue reading Six Effectiveness Factors in Coaching

Your Recruiting Partner

Your Recruiting Partner Are you searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack? As recruiting experts, we specialize in identifying, engaging, and acquiring highly qualified talents for your company. We rely on the perfect blend of media and platform channels, along with professional active sourcing, to uncover even those hidden talents who are not actively… Continue reading Your Recruiting Partner